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Did you know that google returns 133 Million results results for 'keto'?  Half the results don't agree with the other half and I've spent the last few years banging my head against the wall sorting out the BAD from the GOOD.  To save you from the pain that I went through I've created EZ Keto 101 and I'm giving it to you today because you deserve a step by step guide to get healthy.  You'll also have access to the EZ Keto Community where you may ask questions in a safe judgment free zone.

Better Brain

Better Sleep

Better Heart

What Is Keto

Keto, or Ketogenic Diet, has an origin that dates back to 500 BC that was modified by doctors in 1921 to become what we know today as a healthy food choice with many benefits.


When you are in ketosis your body switches to a better fuel source that burns fat & ketones instead of carbohydrates and sugars.  If remembering one thing could make you successful it would be to eat food in the following proportions:  5% Carbohydrates, 20% Proteins & 75% Fats

  • Reduce Your Appetite: EZ Keto works because it removes hunger as a side effect.  With EZ Keto you'll naturally eat less and and feel full.

  • EZ To Follow: EZ Keto 101 is divided into categories and sections that make it easy for you to learn.  An explainer video is included in each section where I break down the lesson into easy understandable everyday language.

  • Better Cholesterol Numbers: When you eat the right recommended foods your HDL(Good) cholesterol numbers go up and your LDL(Bad) cholesterol numbers go down.  The American Heart Association tells us that when you improve this HDL/LDL ratio you lower your risk of heart disease.

  • Control Diabetes:  The US National Library of Medicine reports that 95% of diabetics that live a Ketogenic Lifestyle reduce or eliminate their need for medication within six months.

  • Brain Food: The modern ketogenic diet was created in 1921 to reduce and eliminate seizures and has been proven effective when drug treatment is not.  Keto diets are being studied today to treat other brain conditions including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  Simply said, another study reports keto makes us smarter.

  • Reduce Acne: Living a ketogenic lifestyle reduces dramatic blood sugar fluctuations caused by eatings carbs and sugars.  We've grown up hearing tribal knowledge that drinking soda pop and candy causes pimples.  Eating keto reduces certain types of acne.

  • Fights Cancer: Two cancer fighting benefits to eating keto:  1. Keto improves the effectiveness of both chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  2. Keto reduces insulin complications that are associated with some cancers.


These are some of my everyday EZ Keto meals that I serve to my family and I won't be happy until you have as much fun in the kitchen as I do.  Can you pick out which one is restaurant food ordered directly off the menu and still keto friendly?


Start Your EZ Keto Journey Today: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Join me and let's take this journey together, the EZ way.



Avoid Banging Your Head Against The Wall: Google 'keto' and sort through 133 Million search results if you want to do it alone.  Or join EZ Keto and I'll shine light on your path from beginner to successful expert.



EZ Keto Is Good and Fun: Yes, Good and Fun, seriously.  Cooking Keto isn't difficult but it is different.  I show you those differences with EZ to follow guides and rules of thumb that will make you master of your own Keto kitchen.  I'll also show you how to navigate a restaurant menu like an expert.

See what some of our customers have to say:

Easy to follow

Before Bianca and EZ Keto I'd tried dieting alone and suffered the roller coaster of weight loss and gain.  I would lose 10 pounds then gain 15.  After working with Bianca I began to show permanent loss of weight and inches and the best part is I'm not hungry.

DJ Ontiveros

Cricket Customer Service

I needed a plan

I'm a young mom that just couldn't shed the pounds.  and also a full time college senior so I have little time for myself.  After I started EZ Keto with Bianca I learned that just because I have a full schedule it doesn't mean that I can't eat healthy.  Thanks Bianca!

Casandra Gallegos

Student Indiana University

This Could Be You Or Someone You Know

In addition to her Free EZ Keto 101 Course Bianca is looking to give away free one on one training to someone in need that maybe can't afford private training right now.  If this is you or you know someone please contact Bianca today.

Lucky Student

Is It You?

EZ Keto 101 Testimonial

With EZ Keto 101 Bianca is moving her successful offline Ketogenic Lifestyle Training online.  Even though the course is free Bianca believes the material is much too vital to rest on her laurels so please send her your experience so she may continue to improve it.

Jane Doe

Course Contributor

Start Today: No Cost - No Risk

There is no fee for EZ Keto 101


Just putting this out there.  EZ Keto 101 is Free.  It's a complete course that turns Keto Beginners into Keto Pros and I don't charge you for this training.  Giving this away helps me meet my life's mission of helping others to eat healthy and live longer happier lives.


If you wish to accelerate your learning and want personal one on one time with me I do offer paid coaching, live events and EZ Keto Certification, all of which come with 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee.  Just ask.

My promise to you is that we'll have fun while you learn EZ Keto step by step on your health journey.  The food will be delicious even if you need a trial run to get it right the second time.  I'll be right here and I'll have your back.  I'll answer questions, share my latests tips and I'll show you first hand how healthy food can taste great and not have to break the bank.


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